Leeder Group
    Musson Morsviaz
    Musson MP-406 EPIRB
    EPIRB- Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
    MP-406 Float Free has wheel-mark type approval.
    IMO Resolutions A.696(17); A.810(19) as amended
    by MSC.56(66), MSC.120(74).
    406 MHz EPIRB Annual Test Record
    CERTIFICATE: Shore-based Maintenance of
    406 MHz EPIRB
    Battery: 5 years

    Musson-502 SART 

    SART - Search and Rescue Radar Transponder

    Conformance to standard:
    SOLAS74, as amended, Regulations III/4, III/6.2.2, IV/7.1.3, IV14 abd X/3
    IMO Resolutions MSC.97(73), 2000HSC Code,, 13.17.1,
    IMO Resolutions A.530(13), A.694(17), A.802(19), A.813(19)

    Service life period of the batteries: 5 years

    SART Course has wheel-mark, type approval of Russian and Ukrainian Register of Shipping.





    As standard the HT644 is supplied with:
    CNB750E - 7.4v, 1800mAh rechargeable
    Lithium-Ion battery pack
    Trickle charger
    CBH750 - Spring loaded belt clip
    High efficiency helical antenna
    User manual




    DMR800 LRIT

    The DMR800 LRIT is our low cost alternative to INMARSAT C.

    - Operates on the new INMARSAT - ISATM2M network
    - Conformant and complaint with requirements under MSC 263 (84)
    - Simple installation for onboard crew
    - Product available for immediate despatch




    Pole Star's Fleet Management system is comprised of reliable satellite tracking hardware linked to a powerful web-based service. It provides an effective way of automatically tracking powered and unpowered vessels in real time.

    The system enables the operator of any vessel to monitor the safe passage of their powered vessels and their unpowered assets through adverse weather and sea conditions or through high security risk areas which may be affecting trade routes.
    DSAS is a fully compliant, premium product designed for the user who requires a comprehensive solution for effectively managing security incidents.
    The unit is self-contained and consists of a compact, integrated Inmarsat/GPS transceiver,power management unit, back-up batteries and two alert activation points.
    It is constructed using a tough polystyrene enclosure which is, in turn, protected by a stainless steel casing. Installation is straightforward and, with the Pole Star SSAS Management System, security alert management is easy.
    VDR & SVDR
    Based on the real-time embedded operating system of Vxworks, the system is more reliable, handy and adaptable to all kinds of installations on board.With a power of 25W without any ventilation fans, the Main Cabinet Unit body is designed to be closed, no dust to enter. There are many interfaces with PNP function. It can be configured online, with easy access to debug and random real-time monitor function. It is more convenient for data of download.

    The system is stable, needless of special person for check. The Main Cabinet Unit is designed to be closed and can work normally even in bad environment .With a system power of only 25W, needless of ventilation, more reliable as a result.The system's spare parts are all self-developed and manufactured, be in strong position to provide the permanent availabilities.You can enjoy these quality and inexpensive products with excellent global service network worldwide.

    Function Introduction

    ·Compatible with global Marine Map by C-MAP company, and complying with IHO-S57 standard Electronic Marine Map; the display is subject to IHO s-52 regulation.
    ·Sophisticated protection for unexpected power-off, to avoid any loss due to unexpected power-off.
    ·Powerful functionality and uncomplicated operation for sailorman’s fast grasp.

    ·Excellent fleet monitoring function to keep watching on dynamic status of each vessel.
    ·Marine Map can be customized. Multiple ones cam be automatically pieced together, and fast zoomed in or out.
    ·Assistant navigation can be realized as per pre-defined course. Acoustic and lighting warning will be generated in case of danger; meanwhile, the status of local vessel and ambient information can be inquired in real-time.
    ·Multiple display modes, possible to select dusk, night, daytime mode.
    ·Possible to inquire the information of each position on the marine map, such as course, depth of water, ocean currents, and object info.

    ·Collision-avoidance warning with help of AIS and ARPA.
    ·Navigation management for course planning, patch tracking, and auto-recording of journal.
    ·Marine Map can be updated automatically or manually, locally or remotely, by manually adding temporary subjects.

    ·Remote monitoring function makes the status of the vessel and the information of the vessels nearby to be obtained in ground center, where several vessels can be monitored in parallel, and their current status can be revered verisimilarly.
    SeaCast Broadband VSAT
    Broadband Internet
    Analogue or digital voice
    Video on Demand (VOD)
    GSM support
    Secure corporate network access
    Video transmission, surveillance
    Remote sensing
    ULSTEIN BRIDGE ALARM SYSTEM has the following purposes:
    • The Bridge Alarm System provides visual and audible
    indication of alarms. All equipment on the bridge making
    an audible alarm shall be connected to the Bridge Alarm System.
    • Bridge watch monitoring or “dead man” system for
    detection of unattended bridge or operator disability based
    on interval checking.
    • Alarm transfer to specific locations outside the bridge
    to alert and call the master and back-up navigator(s),
    automatically initiated in case the bridge alarms are not
    attended to or an operator disability is detected.
    • Call back-up navigator for the purpose of manually and instant alert and call of master and back-up navigator(s).
    Oil Mist Detection

    Leeder (Xiamen)
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